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Many a story in Japanese anime and manga tell of the romance and attraction that blossoms between a teenage boy and a teenage girl. However, very unique, bizarre, and interesting relationships that can primarily be found in anime and manga, are when blood related siblings, a brother and a sister, begin to feel deep friendship, social and emotional intimacy, and varying degrees of amorous feelings for one another, and these feelings begin to develop and blossom into genuine romantic love between themselves.

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Many a story in anime and manga tell of the romance and attraction that blossoms between a teenage boy and a teenage girl. It is interesting to observe the beginning of their romance, and the ups and downs that they experience during their relationship, and how they consummate their attraction for one another to become lifelong friends and lovers. However, a very unique, bizarre, and interesting shipping and relationship that can primarily be found in Japanese anime and manga, is when blood related siblings, a brother and a sister, begin to feel deep friendship, social and emotional intimacy, and varying degrees of romantic feelings for one another, and these feelings begin to develop and blossom into genuine love between themselves. This wiki will feature such romantic sibling couples, and explore the friendship, Philia Love, Ludus Love, and non-sexual feelings and relationships that mark them as very special people, indeed.

Concept of this Wiki

Jun Furuya (left) and Hotaru Furuya (center), as Hotaru is scolding a would be girlfriend of Jun's, from the anime and manga "Tsurezure Children"

The English word " Love " is an all-encompassing term that covers everything about love. But there are five shades of meaning to love that are designated by the Greek words, Eros, Storge, Philia, Ludus, and Agape. It is interesting to know and understand the deeper shades of meaning that the word 'love' can convey. The attraction among most teenage couples of opposite genders is Eros Love, the love that is of a sexual nature and the binding force between the genders. Many feel that the summit of Eros Love is marriage, and the sharing of a sexual relationship between the couple. Storge Love is the love shared between generational members of the same family, for instance, between parent and child. Philia Love is the attraction of deep friendship, social and emotional intimacy, and light romance that can be found between a brother and sister, between friends or neighbors, between schoolmates or workmates, or between ones who have the same spiritual outlooks. Ludus Love is playful or uncommitted love. It can involve activities such as teasing and dancing, having a good time together, or more overt flirting, and seducing. The focus is on fun, with no strings attached. Agape Love is the love based on the desire of individuals or couples to want to do what is socially correct and proper, the love of all that is noble, upright, and best for your partner, and best for all. The narrow focus of this Wiki will be the Philia Love and Ludus Love that can be found between siblings, mostly of the opposite genders. Siblings that are romantic with each other, are not afraid to show that, but do not have a sexual relationship with one another will be the only ones that are featured in this wiki. Because the love and attraction of Philia Love coupled with Ludus Love and Agape Love is so very rare, and almost never to be found in modern romance novels, it should be fun and enjoyable to explore the very special couples who can be said to be in love as Romantic Siblings.

Love is such a strong and powerful human emotion, such that it can be said that much of human activity is motivated by various aspects of love. The five kinds of love described above are all extremely powerful emotions. However, Agape Love and Philia Love rank One and Two in relation to the relative strength of the bond of love, proportionally speaking, that can occur between two humans. This means that Philia Love between siblings or others can be every bit of romantic, enduring, intimate, erotic, or sexy as Eros Love is shown to be. And Ludus Love can be so much more fun than Eros Love. However, due to the nature of Philia Love, almost always coupled with individual self-control, there potentially is little likelihood for such complications as the sexual attraction, incest or improper conduct that is often associated with Eros Love. This is why the stories of romantic siblings bound together as lovers, showing Philia Love, Ludus Love, and Agape Love need to be told.

Structure and Format of this Wiki

Masaru Hojo (left) and Lily Riri Hojo (right), both are intimately bound to one another as Hand Shakers, almost like being married to one another, from the anime "Hand Shakers"

This Wiki will feature one couple per page. The pages of the romantic couples will be indexed by alphabetical order of the family name. Each page will begin with a brief review of the anime or manga wherein the romantic sibling couple can be found. Next will be a section describing the family and family circumstances that the sibling couple find themselves in. After that will be the individual profiles of the two lovers. First will be the profile of the female, the sister, followed by the profile of the male, the brother. Finally, there will be, if needed, a Commentary and Opinion section for remarks and observations about the couple. At the end of the article, a link will be provided as to where one can watch the anime or read the manga.

Select romantic sibling couples who are exemplary and outstanding examples of how such true romance can be realized may have their individual manga chapters or anime episodes chronicled by a " mini-wiki " all of their own. Much more detail about the story and circumstances of the lovers can be found there. If the story of such romantic siblings has been selected to be chronicled by individual chapters or episodes, a link to that section ( a wiki within a wiki ) will be provided from their main profile page, as well as a link from the main header section on the front page called Romantic Siblings Mini-Wikis.

Anime and Manga Fan's Comments About the Concept of Romantic Siblings

Visitor / 7-11-2018

I think it's super romantic [siblings in love with one another]. It's the love that carries with it the heftiest price tag. It's not something you'd go into unless you're sure you want to damn your life just to be with this [one special] person. Some of the world's best love stories feature a sibling couple.

Krakken_Unleashed / 11-25-14 / 11:43 PM

For me, (I'm an older brother by 18 months) I haven't found the whole bro[ther]-complex [or sister-complex] too disturbing. I think that in most of these shows a lot of these relationships seem to be, romantic first and foremost, and siblings second (usually as a reason for them not to be together) while also being either played for laughs, or in [some] cases shown as a tragedy. I probably shouldn't be as okay with it as I am, though I also haven't seen any that take it [(romantic feelings)] "all the way".

RJaimes / 5-21-14 / 9:17 PM

Like most things in anime, it doesn't bother me. It's not real, so I don't give a [rap]. Well, the concept [(romance between blood related brothers and sisters)] doesn't bother me at least. I am, however, annoyed that it's so common. If it's well done, then I can deal with it. But there are too many sister-brother relationships that feel like they're completely unnecessary.

If I had to pick one [sibling] relationship that I really enjoyed, it would be OreImo. The show did slap me in the face at the end though. Unlike most people, I was okay with the route the [romantic siblings] took. I actually thought it was rather sweet. It's what followed that frustrated me.

Aestevalis / 5-21-14 / 9:29 PM

Seems like your suspension of disbelief in Anime is quite advanced---Probably I'm like you in that if it's well done [(romantic siblings)] it doesn't bother me, and in my case I can even enjoy it. The strange thing is why they become a romantic option so often ? Well it may be peculiar but definitely a good trait to have. As the younger sibling you definitely appreciate that kind of thing.

Aiden Ryan / 5-21-14 / 4:09 PM

In general, I think the sister/brother thing depends on the execution. If it's played for laughs and not a serious thing, I don't have too much of a problem with it. If it's actually serious and portrayed as a good thing, it's kind of [unusual]. Probably just a reflection of [modern] societies norms. I thought Oreimo was fine until the author decided to have Kyousuke choose his sister. For a while it seemed like they were going to flirt with the idea of them in a relationship, but in reality [the romance for one another] makes their friendship stronger.

Jamie Soto / 14 weeks ago / 5 likes

This really is exactly what I was looking for, so refreshing seeing brother x sister getting together dating and 😋 you know what I mean. And even getting a happy ending, I even cried 😅 💜.

Masamune Izumi (left) and Sagiri Izumi (right), as they collaborate on the writing and illustrating of a romantic light novel, from the anime "Eromanga Sensei"

Guys, you don't necessarily need a girlfriend if you have a loving imouto (little sister).

Meet Four of the Romantic Sibling Couples

The Fukami Siblings

Uta(L) & Ritsu(R)

The Furuya Siblings

Hotaru(L) & Jun(R)

Himenokoji Siblings

Akiko(L) & Akito(R)

Tsukoika Siblings

Noel(L) & Noato(R)

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Disclosure and Disclaimer

The Romantic Siblings Wiki contains a mature concept in romance, and mature subject matter, and may not be suitable for children, pre-teens, or others. The entire Wiki is rated "PG-16 (Older teen-16+)". READER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED !!!

This Wiki has a very narrow, specialized, and bizarre focus, and as such, may not be able to be edited with ordinary manpower and assuming ordinary literary circumstances. With rare exceptions, this Wiki will only feature opposite gender sibling couples. This Wiki will not feature sibling couples that are shown in the anime or manga to have had a sexual relationship, will not feature incest, and will not feature male with male couples.

The Management Positions for the Romantic Siblings Wikia are all taken, and the editing manpower of this wikia is currently adequate. This Wikia is an experimental venture, and as such, is conditional and provisional at this time. Because the subject matter of this Wikia is of a controversial nature and subject to possible mischief and vandalism, editing will only be done under the management of the Admin. The 'Go Ahead' for construction has tentatively been given, with the subsequent full-scale construction and routine editing of this wiki scheduled for sometime in the unspecified future. Given these uncertain terms, and the controversial nature and possible misunderstanding of the concept of this wiki, no outside editing or help is wanted, recommended, or necessary at this time. Maybe at a later date. However, if the invitation to edit on this Wiki is ever issued ( don't hold your breath! ), and you still insist that you want to edit on this wikia, you MUST observe these Editing Guidelines, found here.

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Additional information concerning the Romantic Siblings

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Ritsu Fukami(left) and Uta Fukami(right) are blood-related brother and sister, but to spite their classmates at each one's school, pretend to be romantically in love and dating each other. Only pretending? Really? From the manga "When a Siscon Brother and a Brocon Sister Become Honest"

Mutsuki Nakano (left) and Haruki Nakano (right), as they do a public love confession, and an invitation to begin dating one another, in front of their classmates, from the manga " Danchigai "

Akiko Himenokōji (left) and Akito Himenokoji (right), as Akito tries to calm a very distrait Akiko by telling her that her unconditional love for him is acknowledged, from the anime "OniAi" AKA "As Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He Is My Brother, Right?"

Noel Tsukoika (being carried) and Naoto Tsukoika (carrying his sister), as she reminds her brother of his promise; that if she wins the ice skating competition, he will begin dating her and taking her to romantic places, from the manga " Noel no Kimochi "