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Shoujiki ni Nattara | When a Siscon Brother and a Brocon Sister Become Honest [With One Another] can be found below.

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( Mini-Wiki Note---Several of the chapters in the manga and wiki will chronicle romantic interludes between the blood-related teenage siblings, Uta the sister, and Ritsu the brother. Nothing is more than PG-13, nevertheless, READER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED AND RECOMMENDED. If this romantic concept among blood siblings is disagreeable to you, or is " not your cup of tea ", then do not peruse or read the chapters, instead, go here or here or here. )

Ritsu and Uta recited vows and 'married' each other when they were children.

" Everybody's watching us ! PLEASE PRETEND TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND, UTA !!! " , Ritsu desperately whispers in his sister's ear !!!

"How do you like the dress and high heels that I selected for our First Date together ?", inquires Uta.

" I am now officially Ritsu's girlfriend and lover ! " , exclaims Uta. " Satisfied now ? "

Uta and Ritsu share their First Kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend, right out in public!

OMG ! Onii-chan !! What if ???

On Uta's sixteenth birthday, Ritsu gives her an expensive 'engagement' ring. They then exchange 'marriage style' vows and re-commitments.

Uta knows that she can trust Ritsu, so........

Uta is thankful for what Ritsu did!

Ami figures it out ... Uta is Ritsu's blood-related siser!

The fact that the two siblings can never legally marry is burned into their hearts and souls like a hot branding iron!

Friends find out, quite by accident, that Ritsu and Uta are more than boyfriend and girlfriend lovers, they are actually blood-related siblings !

Uta and Ritsu come to the realization that their shipping as lovers can never be acknowledged, let alone accepted by society.

Deep feelings, romantic or otherwise, begin to stir inside Uta.

The utter hopelessness, despair, angst, and sheer reprehension of family or friends probably rejecting their romantic attachment to one another begins to sink into Uta and Ritsu's mind and heart.

Chapter 1 : If My Little Sister Became My Girlfriend

>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 1.5 : When it Gets a Little Embarrassing

Chapter 2 : When a Brother and Sister Start Dating

>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 2.5 : What if She Gets Happy?

Chapter 3 : When a Siscon Brother and a Brocon Sister Become Honest [With One Another]

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 3.5 : What if My Sister Found My Weak Point?

Chapter 4 : When You Can't Look Straight Ahead

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 4.5 : When Your Head is Full [of Ideas]

Chapter 5 : What if I Become My Sister's Boyfriend?

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 5.5 : When My Sister is Alone in My Room

Chapter 6 : When You Do Your Best, I Want to Root for You

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 6.5 : If the Pair Became a Trio

Chapter 7 : When You Want to Turn a Lie into Truth (Part 1)

Chapter 7.1 : When You Want to Turn a Lie into Truth (Part 2)

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 7.5 : If the Unchanging [Makes] You Become Curious

Chapter 8 : When You Want to Look Up at the Sky After the Rain

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 8.5 : When You Don't Understand a Maiden's Heart

Chapter 9 : When You Want to Know the Secret of Deliciousness

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 9.5 : When Your Smile Becomes Dazzling

Chapter 10 : When You Can't Return to Your Childhood

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 10.1 : When Sharing Doubles the Fun

>>>>>>Omake ( Special ) 10.5 : When I Want to Play a Prank [While You're] Sleeping

Chapter 11 : When You Need to Have Self-Control

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 11.1 : [Uta the Cat Girl]

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 11.5 : When You Can't Focus on Your Studies

Chapter 12 : When You Become Curious About Her Secret

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 12.5 : When She Becomes More and More Mysterious

Chapter 13 : When My Sister [Buys] a Swimsuit

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 13.5 : When My Sister Acts Strange

Chapter 14 : When You Want to Play in the Summer

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 14.5 : When the Gal Boy and the Otaku Girl Become Honest ( Part 1 )

Chapter 15 : When You Want to be Together Forever ( Part 1 )

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 15.1 : When the Gal Boy and the Otaku Girl Become Honest ( Part 2 )

Chapter 15.5 : When You Want to be Together Forever ( Part 2 )

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 15.9 : When the Gal Boy and the Okaku Girl Become Honest ( Part 3 )

Chapter 16 : When You've Decided to Face Each Other

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 16.5 : When Your Imagination Goes Wild

Chapter 17 : When You and Your Family are Happy

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 17.5 : When You Can't Resist the Temptation

Chapter 18 : When Your Feelings Become a Treasure

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 18.5 : When Summer Vacation Doesn't End

Chapter 19 : When You Want to Experience a Shoujo-Manga-Like Love

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 19.5 : When You Want to Try a Shoujo-Manga Experience

Chapter 20 : When the Heart Throbbing Doesn't Stop

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 20.5 : When You Want to Experience the Thrill Once More

Chapter 21: When I Miss You Because I Can't Meet You (First Half)

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 21.5, Part 1: When I Miss You Because I Can't Meet You (Omake version)

>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 21.5: Parts 2, 3, & 4

Chapter 22: When Her Situation Makes You Want to Cheer For Her

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 22.5: When You Look So Cute I Want to Pet You

Chapter 23 : When I Want to Play a Prank On You

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 23.5: When You Want to Wear Costumes With Everyone

Chapter 24: When I Want to Cook for You

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 24.5: When You Want to [Scrub Your Back]

Chapter 25: When We're Together at the School Festival

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 25.5: When You Want to Try Your Ability

Chapter 26: When You Can't Keep From Being a Normal Couple

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 26.5: When You Want to be Spoiled

Chapter 27: When You Want to Convey Your Hidden Feelings

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 27.5: When I Restrain Myself for Your Sake

Chapter 28: When You Turn 16

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 28.5: When a Girl Wants to be an Adult

Chapter 29: When You Want to Give Her a Gift

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 29.5: When I Want to Sneak into Your Room

Chapter 30: When I Think About Our Future

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 30.5: When I Worry About Her [Ami] ???

Chapter 31: When You Swear on Your Ring Finger

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 31.5: When I Want to be Connected to You

>>>>>>Special 31.9

Chapter 32: When I Want to Look Back on Our Time Together

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 32.5: When I Want to Touch You Secretly

Chapter 33: When I Want to Show You My Charm

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 33.5: When You Want to Show Off Your Sex Appeal

Chapter 34: When You Want to Do Something You Can't Do

>>>>>>Omake (Extra) 34.5: When I Want to Surprise You

Chapter 35: When You Want to be More Grown Up

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 35.5: When I'm Captivated by You Chapter 36:

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 36.5:

Chapter 37:

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 37.5:

Chapter 38:

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 38.5:

Chapter 39: When You Want to Pack[age] Your Love

Chapter 40: When You Think About Your Lover And Your Family

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 40.5: When Your Dreams Turn Into Delusions

Chapter 41: When We Can't Protect Our Secret

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 41.5: When You Feel the Growth

Chapter 42: When You Want to End the Secret

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 42.5: When You Don't Know Where to Look

Chapter 43: When You Can't Stop the Overflowing Tears ( Part 1 )

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 43.5: When You Can't Stop the Overflowing Tears ( Part 2 )

Chapter 44: When We Are Alone at Night

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 44.5: When I Want to Look Cute For You

Chapter 45: When You Realize That 'Love" is Not Enough

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 45.5: When You Want to Protect Your Little Sister

Chapter 46: When You Want to Pray for the Future of This Love

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 46.5: When You Want to Give Something Real

Chapter 47: When I Want a Future With You

>>>>>>Omake ( Extra ) 47.5: When You Want to Stay Together a Little Longer

Chapter 48: When a Siscon Brother and a Brocon Sister Become More Honest " (The conclusion)