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''Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara''


Chapter 45 of the Manga

" When You Realize That 'Love' is Not Enough "

( Scroll down for Omake ( Extra ) 45.5 " When You Want to Protect Your Little Sister " )


When the parents were invited to an out of town wedding, they asked their two children if they would want to go with them. Ritsu said that he could not, because he had to work his part time job. Uta declined, saying that it was an adult affair. But her real reason was so she could spend time with Ritsu at home, alone, without the parents around. The afternoon when the parents already left, Uta cooked a delicious dinner for Ritsu, waiting for him to end work and come home. After dinner, the two lovers watched a rather explicit romance movie. Red flags went up in Ritsu's mind afterward, as Uta waffled concerning her convictions. She told him that she was okay with whatever would happen this evening and throughout the night. Ritsu, rather impulsively, decided that they would do a French Kiss, but no more. However, after the rapture and ecstasy of the kiss, the parents walk in on them, since the plane flight was cancelled due to bad weather.

Chapter Overview

The parents return home after their plane flight was cancelled due to bad weather. They find Uta and Ritsu just finishing up after a French Kiss. Suspicious ? Yes ! Earth-shattering and warranting violence ? No ! Nevertheless, Dad goes ballistic, profoundly accuses Ritsu of (supposed) "incest" against his sister, and strikes Ritsu in the cheek. He falls to the floor, as Dad uncontrollably shouts unfounded intents and purposes. Uta knees beside Ritsu, and erotically hugs him, thereby showing Dad that their romantic love for each other was mutual and consenting. That stops the violence from Dad, as Dad finally restrains himself, and exits the room, with Mom following. Ritsu, bruised and painful, retires to his bedroom. Soon, Uta lets herself in his bedroom, and proposes for his consideration that the two of them elope (*).

This Chapter's Story

As soon as Dad and Mom had walked through the entrance to the kitchen, Dad bellows out---


At the sound of their Dad's loud voice, Uta and Ritsu slowly recover from the Tachi and Neko positions that they were in for the French Kiss, and stand upright next to each other. Ritsu asks the parents why they are at home now ? Mom says that the airplane flight was cancelled due to rough weather. Dad is more to the point---


" Eh.......", gasps Uta.

And with that, Dad approaches Ritsu, and with a baseball pitcher's windup, forcefully strikes Ritsu in the left cheek with the palm of his hand, hard enough to knock Ritsu down, with Ritsu hitting the floor on his behind, with his knees up and his arms trying to brace himself from falling flat on his back.

" ONII-CHAN ....!!! ", screams Uta at the top of her voice.

Dad now comes down to his knees facing Ritsu, and grabs the collar of Ritsu's jacket, violently shaking it back and forth.


The collar shaking stops only long enough for Ritsu to courageously say---

" Dad ..... I'm serious about Uta ....... my romantic feelings for her are real ......... "

Dad continues uncontrollably shouting, " RITSU ....... UTA IS YOUR SISTER ........ YOUR OWN SISTER !!!!!!! "

" DAD! ", Mom now raises her voice.

"Thinking about your sister 'in that way'?', meaning emotionally viewing Uta romantically, not sexually or incestuously. Even such an inoffensive and unobjectionable romantic thought and shipping is disagreeable to Dad.

" MOM, STAY OUT OF THIS !!! ", Dad continues to boom like a war cannon. He returns to shouting at Ritsu, "Recently, I was happy that you were working so hard for your future .........and yet, ........ YOU WERE LOOKING AT YOUR SISTER LIKE THAT ........ AND YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT HER IN THAT WAY........ ?!?!?!?"

Uta, momentary frozen with fear and horror, now swings into action! From behind him, she darts around Dad, and kneels down at Ritsu's side. Dad, not expecting or knowing what Uta is going to do, releases his grip on Ritsu's jacket collar. Dad continues to kneel in front of Ritsu. Uta romantically puts her arm around Ritsu's shoulder, thereafter erotically and explicitly hugging him. This to show Dad that Ritsu's romantic love for her was reciprocated by her, that the romance that they felt between them was consensual and mutual.

" D . . . . DAD !!! ", loudly extols Uta, as she lovingly holds onto Ritsu. She bursts into tears, but somehow manages to go on, "WE REALLY ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. PLEASE STOP !!! "

" Dad! ", Mom beseeches once again.

Slowly and dejectedly, Dad gets off of the floor, turns around, and trudges toward the door to another room. Mom comes along side of him. With his back to the two siblings still on the floor, he mentally and emotionally restrains himself, as he passively says in a low, forsaken voice---

" We're done talking for today, there's nothing more to talk about. Go cool off and get some sleep. "

After a while finds Ritsu sitting on the couch in his bedroom. He is in the deepest despair and desperation. His cheek is raw, swollen, discolored, and throbbing. There is a knock on the door. It is Uta, as she lets herself in.

" Uta ? "

Uta is still wearing the pretty 'maternity style' embroidered, short-hemline dress that she adorned earlier when she thought that the two of them would be alone for the night. She approaches Ritsu, and implores---

" Onii-chan! Let's run away and elope (*) !!! "


Omake ( Extra )

While Ritsu is sitting on the couch in his bedroom, discouraged and demoralized, with his jaw hurting like the dickens, he thinks back to a time when he was able to defend his sister. A time when they were walking home from in elementary school. Uta is running to catch up with Ritsu, and she trips over a rock, and falls, scraping her knee. What will Ritsu do to help her ?

Trivia---Take a good look at the jumper dress that Uta is wearing as a little girl. Now take a good look at the maternity style dress that Uta wore this evening. Both dresses are very similar, really, almost identical !!!


Commentary and Manga Fan's Comments

(*) Elope

Elopement, colloquially speaking, is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving a hurried flight away from one's place of residence together with one's beloved with the intention of getting married. Elopements, in which a couple runs away together and seeks the consent of their parents later, differ greatly from abductions. To elope, most literally, means to run away and to not come back to the point of origin.

Since Uta and Ritsu can not legally marry, they both know that, Uta is referring to a particular shade of meaning of eloping, that being the two sibling lovers would run away to another town or village, without the parent's consent (both siblings are above the age of consent), and live together as if they were married.

Manga Fan's Comments on This Chapter

Natsu_1000 / 5 months ago

He [Dad] slapped him [Ritsu]🤣 I was expecting a punch…....

Toriichii / 1 year ago

Oh god, I just hope these two end up together in the end.

chenando 1 / 1 year ago

Can't blame the dad tho[ugh]. And this at least makes my doubt of them being step siblings go off the road, since if that had been the case, then the dad wouldn't have hit the guy. Also the dad did well in stopping himself at that 'cuz the way it was going, I'm pretty sure he could have killed MC [Ritsu] in the heat of the moment.

Van / 1 year ago

Please let us have at least one happy ending.

noobchicken / 1 year ago

The homeless siblings move in with Ami.

Lex79 / 1 year ago

The problem is that they are minors, they can't just move out with their parents doing nothing if they fail to convince them. If they really want to elope they have to act quickly and put as much distance as possible before their parents notice and the police gets involved.

I really don't know what to expect now...I just hope the author won't rob me of an happy ending.

meidunk / 1 year ago

Thank goodness the dad had an appropriate response!

emMeBi86 / 1 year ago

BTW, this chapter has one good thing: the normal reaction of the father, that [he] didn’t --well-- [allege] full hentai [sexual misconduct]. On the opposite, Uta is wrong and is reasoning like a child: they are both still students, (probably) without money, and if I remember correctly, no car. There is NO WAY that it’s going smoothly, even assuming they’ll stay at a friend’s house for a while.

What I am expecting? That MC [Ritsu] chooses to remain and confront the parents once again, to remark strongly their idea to be together not only as brother and sister [but as lovers]. He has to be a man and protect their love...something like this.

SirFlimFlam / 1 year ago

Honestly, I hope this series is able to take this down a path different from 99% of other "incest" themed stories. It always either ends up being elopement (I know this isn't going to happen. Even if they briefly consider it, they won't go through with it) or they break up due to the pressures of those around them deciding their happiness for them.

I want to see this end with the two of them together, or at least not breaking up due to outside pressure (they're still kids after all, plenty of time to find out [if] it's just not going to work out for other reasons). Any other reason and I'll accept it, but I'd like just one story with the [guts] to give me a happy ending where they find a place together and even if it's not all sunshine and butterflies regarding their family, are able to live happily together.

Misaki16 / 1 year ago

Uta and Onii-chan are old enough to work and live alone together.

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing / 9 months ago

Both Uta and Ritsu are above the Age of Consent in Japan (currently 16(?), I think). It least that is what age I was lead to believe. However, Ritsu is so close to turning 18, and becoming a legal adult. As an adult, he can be in a better situation to challenge the family concerning his romantic love for his sister. When Uta turns 18, it's a 'done deal'. They will both be consenting adults, regardless of what the parents think, say, or do.

Omake Comments

Xystus / 1 year ago

Small Uta is so cute.